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ATV Tour Salt Mines - Moray

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Moray archaeological site of Are terraces or agricultural terraces built in depressions or gigantic natural holes. These terraces are superimposed concentrically, taking the form of a gigantic amphitheater. The biggest hole has a depth of 150 m and the average height of the platforms is 1.80 m.

According to historians, these constructions constituted an important agricultural laboratory of the Inca empire. Since their platforms are built with their respective irrigation channels and each of them constitute a microclimate. What is striking is the great difference in annual average temperature between the top and the bottom of the depressions, a difference that reaches up to 15 ° C. Salineras Towards the northwest of this town are “the Salineras de Maras” which are well known. Also as “salt mines.” They form about 3000 small wells with an approximate area of ​​about 5 m² each.In times of drought these are filled with salt water that comes from a natural spring that is located above the wells. the water evaporates, the salt crystallizes, when the salt reaches a height of 10 cm from the floor, it is removed and then bagged in cloth sacks to be sent to the markets of the region. and of step to visit these 2 beautiful places.

  • Tour duration: 3 – 4 hours.
  • Experience: does not require experience.
  • Minimum age: 12 years.

The tour starts picking it up from your hotel in our mobility and we go to our base that is about 45 minutes from Ollantaytambo in our base awaits our ATVs with their respective safety equipment such as helmet and huantes the guide gives us a brief talk management and security we do some practices and we start the adventure traveling through the Andes in the direction of Moray where the guide shows us the archaeological site, we return to the ATVs and we go to salineras going through the village of maras with some stops for photos throughout the tour

200 meters before arriving at the salt mines we stop and descend in sample mobility to salt mines

This for security reasons

We have a guided tour with our guide and we take the ATVs to return to the base of Dende we started finished. We can return in our mobility to Ollantaytambo or Cusco all this tour lasts from 3 to 4 hours approximately. This magnificent tour has a cost of S / 220 per person minimum 2 people

  • If you want a private tour for one person, it has an extra cost


The tour includes

  • Transportation pick up from your hotel, guide, ATVs

The tour does not include

  • Tips
  • Does not include the tickets to moray salineras


  • Short wind coats
  • Blocker
  • Mineral water
  • Some snack if you wish
  • During the trip, your main luggage can be stored in our office or at your hotel, or in our mobility both free of charge.
  • Pocket money in nuevos soles.
  • A small backpack. for your water
  • Rain clothes (a waterproof jacket).
  • Hat or cap (to protect against sun, rain and cold).
  • Sunscreen or sunscreen.
  • Camera. Photo
  • We can leave it in the place you want but it has an extra cost
  • We can coordinate a typical lunch for you

Take Precautions

  • Minimum age is 13 years (maybe an adult Balla with a younger child)
  • Do not require experience
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